Gary Vesperman on Energy Invention Suppression from (4-20-2012)

Gary Vesperman’s Body of Work in Regard to Energy Invention Suppression is material that *All of My Fellow Americans should Become Familiar With*. 

We could Be Powering our Cars and Trucks WITH WATER *OR OTHER INCREDIBLE MEANS* as Fuel. 

We could Be Generating Electricity “FOR FREE”>>> and Without using any Nuclear Energy, or Coal, Oil and Natural Gas to do so.

And We Could be Heating Our Homes WITHOUT ANY Carbon Footprint Whatsoever>>>

If Only IT WAS NOT FOR PERVASIVE SUPPRESSION OF TRUTH by Our U.S. Federal Government! and other Powers that Be.

An Investigative Reporter out of Las Vegas NV (actually Henderson NV) named Gary Vesperman taught me almost all of the above.

This True American Hero should receive all of the accolades and awards that America could possibly give him.

Gary Vesperman put his life on the line voluntarily and without any fiscal compensation for all of his Fellow Americans>>> and he sure Educated me!

Thank You Gary Vesperman for “what you did” for your Fellow Americans, and for all Humanity too!

Allen D

April 20, 2012

Gary C. Vesperman

Website of Interest

Contact us for further information.

Energy Inventions Development Summary.

The Energy Inventions Development Summary (Rec. 11/16/11) (*.doc file) is a one-page list of energy inventions, advanced self-powered vehicle inventions, and radioactive waste treatment methods.

Seven Clean Energy Inventions

Here are Seven Clean Energy Inventions (Rec. 11/16/11) (*.doc file) for your inspection.

Papers and Items of Interest

A friend recently compiled Gordon Ziegler’s electrino fusion power reactor files (mentioned here) into the website:
I will write a very short summary for this soon. In the meantime, here is Gordon’s summary email to me:
Dear Gary,
Last week I submitted a complete proposal to Puget Sound Energy (PSE) for a new clean energy source based on electrino fusion. This week I am sending out over 20 more copies to interested parties. I am sending you yours via e-mail. It comes in two attached files in Microsoft Word 2007 and three attached files in Excel. Feel free to copy these files. Thanks. Gordon.

Here is the new and current version of “Locomotive Power Sources”. Please replace the old file (discussed below) with this new file (Rec. 3/24/12) (*.doc file).

130+ Electrical Energy Innovations April 11, 2012 Edition (Rec. 4.11.12) (*.pdf file)”
130 electrical energy-related innovations and inventions are categorized into Large Generators, Small Generators, Miscellaneous, Advanced Self-Powered Electric Transportation Vehicles, and Batteries/Energy Accumulators.  Review comments are welcome!

A paper by A. G. Lipson and G. H. Miley. The hydro-magnetic dynamo’s use of extremely scarce palladium limits its potential applications. Experimental studies of similarly energetic particles emitted from hydrogen/deuterium loaded palladium and titanium indicate that palladium could be replaced with titanium.
Abstract: We report the discovery of the new phenomenon of energetic alpha emission (up to 16.0MeV), and proton emission (approx. 1.7MeV), from a metal surface possessing a large affinity for hydrogen and loaded/excited by electrolysis, glow discharge or powerful laser. Various experiments on charged particle emission show a remarkable feature: all exhibit a similar yield per unit input energy of energetic alphas [one alpha particle per 10–15eV input energy/Pd(Ti) target atom], independent of the excitation power of delivering method (electrolysis, glow discharge or laser irradiation). The results suggest that the mechanism of energy transfer resulting in energetic particle emission in metal targets loaded with hydrogen is similar, despite the seemingly dissimilar excitation techniques.

Hydro-Magnetic Dynamo PowerPoint Presentation (Rec. 3.10.12) (*.ppt file)”
Hydro-magnetic dynamos can range in capacity from 100 kilowatts to 1,000 megawatts. One doughnut-shaped 1000-megawatt hydro-magnetic dynamo is about the size of a two-car garage. For comparison, Hoover Dam’s 17 generators have a total nameplate capacity of 2,080 megawatts. A hydro-magnetic dynamo can reliably run continuously for 25 years or more with little or no maintenance, no external fuel source, and no pollution.

About Mechanisms of Generation of Energy in HMD (Rec. 3.10.12) (*.doc file)”
A short paper by Oleg V. Gritskevich.

Method of deriving of electrical energy and organization of Gritskevich’s MHD-generator for its realization (Rec. 3.14.12) (*.doc file)”
Russian Patent IPC H 02 K 44/00 (not dated)
Abstract: The invention concerns generating an electric power by MHD-generators. The purposes (goals) of prospective engineering solutions are the following: increasing of efficiency, reliability and ecological safety, and simplification of the construction of the MHD-generator as well. In order to achieve those goals, in the (known) method of generating of electrical energy by controlling the movement of the conducting media in specific direction inside a closed loop (circuit), and when the electrical energy can be taken out (used) by electromagnetic windings, a new point is that a polar liquid is used as a media, which at the start-up time gets ionized and actuated (activated) by a running magnetic field with the help of stimulating electromagnetic windings, and, in addition, the media movement occurs inside of a tight (hermetically sealed) channel, whose internal walls’ factor of a dielectric permeability is greater than the polar liquid’s one.

Y-Bias and Angularity: The Dynamics of Self-Organizing Criticality From the Zero Point to Infinity (Rec. 3.27.11) (*.doc file)
The Y-Bias model of fine scale interactions describes the dynamics that drive all natural processes from the inside out, in an infinite cycle of creation and deconstruction.

The Hawkings’ generator looks like an interestingly futuristic addition (Rec. 3.21.11) (*.doc file)
Hawkings’ generator of cold electricity. Three other forms of electricity are alternating current (AC), direct current (DC), and static electricity.

A List of Radioactivity Neutralizaton Methods (Rec. 3.19.11) (*.doc file)
Over two dozen methods of neutralizing radioactive waste are detailed in this list.
Additional methods are briefly described in
Dr. Santilli’s method plus an explanation of suppression of radioactivity neutralization methods are available at
Robert A. Nelson’s survey “Transmutations of Nuclear Waste” is at
A typical 1000-megawatt nuclear power plant operating at full power for two years accumulates the radioactive equivalent of 4600 Hiroshima atomic bombs. The plant is then shut down for a couple of months while one-third of the spent fuel rods are replaced


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