America Should Place a Watch Over 4 WordPress Website Developers For Its Own Sake as Well as Ours (5/5/2012)

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Gary Vesperman’s Written Work on Energy Invention Suppression, >>>When Coupled with My Written Work on Alternative Medical Discovery Suppression<<>>Contains Enough Power of Truth<<>>To Topple Many Federal Governments Worldwide.<<<

I personally have survived about 30 to 35 individual attempts on my life since the first one on January 6, 2010. (It is a Miracle that I am still Alive!)

Not only am I at Risk of Dying for trying to Spread the Truth Around On The Internet, I have a Heroic WordPress Website Development Team composed of Three Other People… All of which Are At Risk of Being Jailed or Killed for helping me.

America and the World should Place A Permanent Watch Over the Four of Us… Not Only For Our Sake, But For Yours as well.

Enough Watchful Eyes (Witnesses) Over the Internet may Save Our Very Lives.

In Truth, the Above is the Only Chance that We Four Heroic Internet Truth Soldiers Have Got.

Please Do the Right Thing by helping this material to go Viral on the Internet by Sharing it via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, etc..

We all wish to Thank You in advance for taking the time to do the above.

Allen Darman and his WordPress Website Development Team

Primary Website:

Website of this WordPress Blog:


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